Enjoy Sex - Available

About The Enjoy Sex Domain Name Sale
Enjoy Companies Ltd registered www.enjoysex.co.uk back in 2004 and is nowlooking to sell the Enjoy Sex domain name to both raise money for charity but also to raise capital for Enjoy Companies Ltd to allow Enjoy Companies Ltd to continue puting something back, either via charity donations or working with local communities. Already Villages Online - www.villagesonline.com has been taken over by Enjoy Companies Ltd so we can help promote communites, villages and towns across the UK, that may otherwise be hidden treasures.

What Money Is Being Raised
During 2005 the Enjoy Sex domain name we be put up for auction on EBay and if the domain name is sold via auction we are hopping to raise at least ?0,000 for a Breast Cancer Charity. Also we will look to give away at least another ?0,000 to other charities. Also the rest of the money will be invested into Enjoy Companies Ltd and reqular donations will be made to even more charities as Enjoy Companies expands and builds on the investment made by the Enjoy Sex domain sale.

For more information, please send an e-mail to: info@enjoysex.co.uk

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